Welcome to Dr. Joe's Natural Health Clinic

Traditional Naturopathic Medicine

Treating a wide range of acute and chronic challenges in both children and adults.

Call today for a free 15 minute health consultation. Dr. Joe can help you.

Scanic River Events

Inner peace is born out of being in nature. Monthly enrichment events are held outdoors for the ultimate experience of natural health, healing and wholeness. 

Plant Medicine, Homeopathy, and More

Natural non-toxic therapies work with your own body's innate healing power. Over 90% of prescriptions are originally sourced from plants. Herbal remedies have virtually no side effects offer gentle yet powerfull alternatives to drugs.

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Blood is magnified by giving us the ability to document your condition with a live video of the blood to monitor your progression while on treatment. Blood is life and reflects the state of overall health.

Hands On Therapy

Dr. Joe offers a combination of therapeutic touch, visualization and various physical modalities to eliminate stress and pain. When the conditions for health are consistent and conscious, health will result. 

Qi Gong Classes

Steve Chambers leads Monday night classes at 6:30pm along the Scantic River. Call Jimmy Page today to reserve a space at (860) 933-9467

Dr. Joe Breton

20 Years Experience

Dr. Joe has been a liscensed naturopathic physician for 20 years. He is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. 

He has taught courses as an adjunct professor in Nutrition, Medical Oncology and the Philosophy of Healing at the University of Bridgeport.

Indigenous Studies

Dr. Joe works with groups in both North and South America to bring unification and healing to divisions among cultural boundaries.

Youth Enrichment

In addition to private practice, Dr. Joe works with the non profit Hartford Performs to bring empowerment to youth as educational artist with a focus on the Healing Power of music and dance.

Dr. Joe will help you. Call him today with any questions and offers a free 15 minute consultation. (413) 388-3344