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Mindfulness, Music & Connection

Hartford Performs Youth Program

  • Facilitated by Dr. Joe

Children in this day and age have a vital need for an organic & unplugged experience.

BAMBOOM ! Exercise and Drumming

Hartford Performs Youth Program

  • Facilitated by Dr. Joe

The Healing Power of Music

100% Group Interactive 

Focus on exercise and group empowerment

Arts and Education

Healing Power of the Drum


Enrichment through group interaction

Dreams Do Happen


Our future belongs to the youth

Mind, Body and Spirit


Healthy lives require a life of balance.

About Dr. Joe

Naturopathic Physician

Educational Artist

Dr. Joe has been facilitating group enrichment programs since 1995. He has worked with the Cub Scouts of America, YMCA after-school programs, Channel 3 Kids Camp and Hartford / New Haven public schools. 

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